Easy Recipe Strawberry Lemonade

Easy Recipe Strawberry Lemonade

Today I'm sharing my favorite lemonade recipe with you. I present Easy Recipe Strawberry Lemonade!Homemade lemonade makes my heart happy. There's something to be said about simple comforts like this strawberry lemonade recipe. After dinner I like to kick back with my hubby while the kids are playing outside. We usually have a glass of lemonade in our hands while doing. But since it's #StrawberrySeason, we had a glass of this strawberry lemonade in our hands! Cook's Note: Easy Recipe Strawberry Lemonade I don't like overly sweet lemonade. So I usually opt for less sugar. I suggest ...

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Bacon Avocado Potato Salad Recipe

Bacon and Avocado Potato Salad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.Outdoor entertaining season is upon us! This means warmer weather, longer days, and potlucks! Today I’m sharing my new favorite side dish for potlucks, Bacon Avocado Potato Salad.Whether I’m headed to a potluck or entertaining outdoors at home, I always got for recipes that are quick, easy, affordable to make, and tasty! That’s where Hormel Foods BLACK LABEL® Bacon comes in. I love using quality, affordable ingredients like BLACK LABEL® Bacon that packs a lot of flavor. This product ...

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Easy Strawberry Syrup Recipe Tutorial

Strawberry Syrup Recipe - H

It's #StrawberrySeason, folks! Today I'm sharing my new favorite topping for pancakes, Strawberry Syrup!Strawberries are coming into season, and their prices are amazing! I recently paid $0.88 a pound, and pick up a ton for baking, freezing, making jam, and this strawberry syrup recipe. I even tested a couple of ways to store strawberries and the best method kept strawberries for nearly 3 weeks. Check out the post: How to make Strawberries Last Longer.I made 4 cups of this strawberry syrup and it was gone within a week! We used is as strawberry pancake syrup, made strawberry ...

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How to Make Strawberries Last Longer – Secrets Finally Revealed

How to make Strawberries Last Longer - 2 Methods

Strawberry season comes early in Southern California. To kick off my #StrawberrySeason blog post I did a little experiment. For the past month, I have taken in-season strawberries and tested different methods to make them last longer in the refrigerator. There was definitely one clear winner. Today, I'm sharing my results with you in this post for How to Make Strawberries Last Longer!Recently, strawberries at my local Sprouts were on sale. Scratch that, they were a steal at $0.88 for a 1-pound container! You better believe I stocked up! 14 pounds (yes, pounds) of strawberries. I ...

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Guacamole Recipe – The Best EVER!

Dip into the Best Guacamole Recipe EVER

I love guacamole. And I mean L-O-V-E! I'll eat it on all sorts of Mexican food. I'll slather it on sandwiches. I'll dip like it's nobody's bushiness!Today I'm sharing my all-time FAVORITE guacamole recipe. It really is the best EVER!California avocado season is from April through September. During this time, I will share avocado tips & tricks, facts and of course, recipes! #CAavoSeason Today I'm sharing my favorite guacamole recipe. This is the best guacamole recipe because it's simple, classic, and downright good!My favorite vessel for this green-gold is blue corn tortilla ...

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How to Peel an Avocado: the NEW Method + Brokaw Nursery Tour

How to Cut and Peel an Avocado - H

Recently, I attended an Avocado Grove Tour that the California Avocado Commission hosted. I learned SO much about avocados. It was a true "farm to table"experience. I'm excited to share with you information, tips & tricks, and recipes! Today, I'm sharing How to Peel an Avocado: the NEW Method + Brokaw Nursery Tour!Avocado season in California runs from April through September. During this time, I will be sharing avocado tips & tricks, facts and of course, recipes! #CAavoSeason Brokaw NurseryRecently, I took a tour of the avocado tree nursery, Brokaw Nursery. The ...

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Horchata Recipe: Two Ways AND a Giveaway!

Horchata Two Ways 1a

Disclosure: This Easy Horchata Recipe: Two ways has been compensated by Minute® Rice. As always all opinions are mine alone. #MinuteMealsMinute® Rice is a pantry staple at my house. Especially with the seasons changing, I want to spend more time outside with my kids playing and going on bike rides. I often lose track of time and then it's a mad dash to get dinner on the table. Minute® Rice is my go-to ingredient for these times. I can count on it for quick & easy dinners, plus it's something my entire family will love!If you're like me and need dinner ready in a snap, then I ...

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Snack Cake Recipe with Blackberries and Caramel Drizzle

Buttermilk Snack Cake Recipe with Blackberries 1

This easy Snack Cake Recipe with Blackberries and Caramel Drizzle is my new favorite breakfast treat. It's super versatile; you can use any kind of berry. I chose to use blackberries because they're in season here in California and let's face it, SO good! #SpringEatsCook's Note - Easy Snack Cake Recipe with Blackberries and Caramel If you don't have buttermilk on hand for this snack cake recipe, use my buttermilk substitute recipe. It works perfectly.Don't be tempted to add extra berries to the batter, this snack cake recipe has just the right amount without making it soggy.Store ...

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Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip Recipe

Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip 4

I love cheesecake dips. They're SO easy to make, and everyone loves them. And I mean EVERYONE! Anytime I take one to a party so many people ask for the recipe. Today I'm sharing my latest creation, Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip recipe.All you'll need are just 5 minutes and 6 ingredients to make this Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip recipe!Cook’s Notes - Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip: Store this cheesecake dip in an airtight container for up to 1 week in the refrigerator. I like to serve this dip with Brownie Brittle and chocolate graham crackers. If Cool Whip is ...

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Live Life in Full Bloom – FREE Spring Printable

Live Life in Full Bloom Printable

Spring flowers are my absolute favorite. There's so many beautiful blooms, and the colors are amazing! Today I'm sharing my love of spring flowers by giving you all this Live Life in Full Bloom FREE Spring Printable.I purchased this Hand Painted Spring Flowers clip art to make my #SpringEats feature image recently. I completely fell in love with it, and I wanted to make a beautiful printable for the house using the clip art set. This is what I came up with. I think it just might be one of my favorite printables to date.I like to decorate the buffet in my dining room for the ...

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